Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meddling in Wisconsin's Business-Maybe the President's focus should be elsewhere!

President Obama has yet to present a rational national budget; in fact it appears he has punted on dealing with the deficit, national debt, and meaningful spending reductions.  His response to the difficulties in Egypt was confusing and disjointed at best…and what is his administration’s foreign policy?  He has not developed a rational energy plan for the country, but trumpets cost prohibitive solar, wind, bio-fuels…contrary to his pronouncements while on the campaign trail. 

President Obama has deliberately hurt the oil industry and the energy industry in total…coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric. His ban on future drilling in the gulf, Alaska, and the lower 48 is already hurting every American… a court has ruled his moratorium to be illegal relative to the gulf…yet he continues to ignore the court order.  He has done nothing to promote the further development of nuclear, clean coal or even natural gas.  He has, by his actions, created a huge hidden tax which is affecting everyone i.e. the skyrocketing price of gasoline (up 69.6% since Jan. 2009-USEIA).  His administration is not transparent.  He has decided that only African-Americans are protected by our civil rights laws….he created Obamacare, the Stimulus and this list could go on for pages.

Nevertheless, this President feels compelled to stick his nose into the business of the people of Wisconsin regarding their budget, deficits et al.  This is the same man who created a $4.1 trillion addition to our national debt in just 2 years, and presides over an economy which has not seen unemployment fall below 9.0% in 21 months.  President Obama, please show us you know something about economic policy, or foreign policy, or energy policy…But, please, first focus on and fix some of these pressing National problems before dispensing advice to the states and their governors. 
And finally, before commenting on Wisconsin and their business, read the X Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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