Friday, July 13, 2012

The Apocalypse is Upon Us…The Four Horsemen are Riding

The White Horse, ridden by David Axelrod, is a pestilence upon Americans and America.  He is the stumbling evil deceiver who opposes all who disagree with Barack Obama or steps across ‘his’ line, known only to him and his boss.  He tries to slay people with lies; like Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, thousands of Catholics (& Cardinal Dolan), notable republicans (John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan etc.), and even other Democrats (W. Clinton, E. Rendell, J. Manchin. C. Booker, et al.) This horseman, in panic, attacks with invective, spin, obfuscation, gross misrepresentation and outright lies.  It matters not how many Pinocchio’s he receives, or how many thumbs down are received from  respected fact check organizations, or even if exceedingly liberal/progressive news firms ( N.Y. Times, Washington Post) say baloney…no truth resides in this particular assault, he rides on…with no shame. 

Sitting astride The Red Horse, is Joe Biden.  He is sometimes relieved by Kathleen Sebelius when his gaffes/cannonades become too much for the administration.  Either rider, intellectual wastelands, create war and conflict where none previously existed; both wield their swords with pleasure; Sebelius against the elderly, poor and infirm using Obamacare and Biden against anything moving with little thought.  Slaughter their aim, slur, misrepresentation, confusion and pettifogging their game.  The confusion and divisiveness created are an offense to fair, thinking people in this Republic.

The Black Horse is mounted by Eric Holder, the famine and disease horseman, who holds the balances, the scale to weigh and drive up the price of wheat/barley thus hurting both poor and middle class Americans; but insuring the preservation and value of Obama’s oil/wine… then distributing/pandering with these valued commodities to Obama’s cronies…Unions (e.g. SEIU, UAW & NEA), Green Energy companies here and abroad (Solyndra, Abound Solar, Evergreen Solar, Fisker & many more), and favored ethnic groups-corrupt organizations e.g. (Acorn, Planned Parenthood and Media Matters).  His selective scarcity features a faulty memory regarding recall of Fast & Furious when facts are involved…forgetting the meaning of voter intimidation, thus not prosecuting the New Black Panther Party for the activity in a Philadelphia suburb…and overlooking statistical anomalies including, among many, voter turnout exceeding 120% of the population in 3 Milwaukee, WI precincts (in the recent recall election), and in 2 Bridgeport, CT precincts in 2010 which elected D. Malloy, Democrat Governor, (indicating a minority turnout in excess of 90%.  Holder has consistently prosecuted states for attempting to prohibit voter fraud and protect legitimate voters with the introduction of state law requiring the use of photo ID's to vote...the Constitution's 10th Amendment has little effect on this ideologue.  This ‘ethical’ wunderkind also hides behind ‘executive privilege’ and plays the ‘race card’ often and with zeal!  

The final horse, The Pale Horse, mounted by Barack Obama, wearing a crown in all his arrogance; with head tilted up…he is death…death to our laws, Constitution, civility, liberties, privacy, conscience and faiths.  He has an ashen pallor and is followed by Hades, master of the underworld/hell.  He, The Fourth Horseman, is not just symbolic of death & destruction; he has become a class warrior mentoring spin, misdirection, distraction, vile anger, hubris and hate.  The retinue of his other horsemen have been all trained to use similar tactics, intellectual dishonesty and invective… together they are ‘precursors’ of dire judgments yet to come…could they include long term economic decline then collapse, continuing serious long-term unemployment/underemployment, even fewer people paying any/a fair share of Federal taxes, a growing permanent underclass and increasing poverty.

A backlash to the class warfare rhetoric, invective, spin, distraction, dissembling, blatant arrogance, lawlessness, dismissiveness, and outright lying has started and seems to be taking hold in our country.  Recent polls show Barack Obama’s support with independents, men, and the young declining appreciably.  Additionally, support among the Catholic and Jewish communities has materially ebbed, backing by women is slowly falling, but the biggest surprise may be his recent loss of backing within Hispanic groups (particularly in view of his recent immigration stance).  It is even clear that minor erosion of support has occurred with African-Americans. President Obama is in trouble and has earned that trouble!

Note: many interpretations of the Four Horsemen story exist: Some believe in a positive religious cast in Revelation 6:1-8; some including Billy Graham interpret the group in a manner similar to my take noted above; and some add interesting twists to the myth.  I chose a Dr. Graham approach then related the Four Horsemen to key players in the Current Administration; similarities are there and political correctness be damned.