Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama in Reality Lost the Election

Barack Obama and the Democrat Party lost the election of 2012!  Only the delusional could make such a statement.  Barack Obama won 51.26% of the vote and Governor Romney received less; those are the facts…it’s incontrovertible. But is it? 

Hundreds maybe thousands of narratives have been written trying to diagnose what happened on November 6, 2012; and many more will be authored in the ensuing weeks and months.  Invariably these post mortems cite bushels of statistics in an attempt to analyze turnout, demographics, motivations, and the mind sets of both the voter and those that sat on the sidelines.  These same well intentioned writers have subjected the candidates, their strategies and tactics to “electron” microscopic assessment to discern both the cause and effect of the victory or defeat.  Their research apparently intended to elicit that “eureka” morsel that will provide the magic winning predictor for all future presidential elections. 

The majority of the articles have focused almost hysterically on the certain demise of the Republican Party and the conservative philosophy unless changes are undertaken.  The changes recommended range from moving left; modifying stances on life, pandering to blacks, Hispanics, and young women to only talking about fiscal issues or discussing largely social issues… and these tired bromides go on.  The scribes seldom attempt to define “the problem” but present a surfeit of issues that require many independent actions to produce a positive future result.  Inevitably the proposed actions detail dumping or compromising a part of the conservative message.  Conservative principles and the message are not the problem.  

Solving problems begins with problem identification not unlike a physician diagnosing a disease preparatory to prescribing a cure.  In a nutshell, one without the other is nothing more than an exercise in futility.  To be successful going forward (translate win national elections) conservatives must carefully identify and define the problem before a solution(s) can be proposed and implemented.  Recent polling states categorically that Americans prefer less government, lower taxes, lower debt and lower spending.  Additionally a majority of Americans still believe in individual responsibility, accountability, self-initiative, hard work and liberty.   In effect a dichotomy exists within Americans; they agree with the principles of conservatism, its message, and the issues that count, even if they don’t “agree” with the ideology of Conservatism…huh? 

Our culture is changing…popular culture is the problem.  More Americans want a piece of the pie, a free piece, the one that others are seemingly getting for nothing.  They see it and say why not me even though their gut says this doesn’t feel right…somehow this is wrong.  The belief that people can get a reward without earning it is a growing tenet of the left directly traceable to big government social engineering policies.   

The left says that government is the solution, it can provide and will.  Liberals/progressives also believe that an elite few in government can make better decisions than the individual, a collective of individuals or the free market.  Of course the elite decision makers must be liberal/progressives.   This philosophical meme has been relentlessly driven home by the mainstream media (MSM), academia, and Hollywood since the FDR administration.  The propaganda of the left pervades every aspect of our society…it insidiously indoctrinates in the MSM, in our schools, in movie theaters and on television.  Conservatives must develop strategies to counteract this attack on the consciousness of Americans and then implement the strategies both consistently and relentlessly. 

Conservatives must also recognize that conservatism “lite” is not a winning formula.  Subsequent to FDR only President Ronald Reagan can be described as an unapologetic conservative.  Luckily the conservative bench is populated with young, committed, aggressive individuals who can carry the conservative banner and message effectively.  Kelly Ayotte, Bob McDonnell, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Sean Duffy, Tim Scott, Scott Walker and Susana Martinez all provide an exceptional resource and pool from which to choose future messengers/leaders to name just a few.  In contrast the Democrats have Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin.  This is a dubious and thin collection of political opportunists who believe in the philosophy of themselves…ergo if I give I get. 

However, the most important factor in “Obama losing the election” is the disturbingly pompous left-wing ideologue himself.  Obama will not remain an inert force focused on repairing his legacy…he believes his legacy is to transform America.  During the election battle he offered nothing new.  Thus, he will fully execute Obamacare and its 23 tax increases, he will proceed to raise taxes on the “rich” (both ordinary & capital gains), he will push for more “clean” energy initiatives, he will make further payoffs to his union supporters and other cronies, he will smother every sector of our society with crushing and costly regulations and in summary the economy will get worse, much worse. 

The excruciating economic pain will manifest itself in declining incomes, brutal energy costs, devastating deficits, staggering debt, increasing unemployment and continued despair.  Of course the triad of the MSM, academia and Hollywood will shout that the malaise is due to the extremists that caused the debacle in the first place…conservatives…republicans. Their incessant bleating will continue into their hero’s second term, but for how long?  Americans have bought Obama’s ill-conceived “pigs in a poke” policies for four years.  It is highly unlikely they will have the forbearance to be served more economic tripe, scandals, incompetence in almost every department, and blather for two or four more years.  

Both Obama and his democrat ally’s will be hard pressed to hide the disaster he and they have wrought.  The “new” breed of bright, young and energetic conservative leaders will be presented with the opportunity to posit an unambiguous message and contrast it to the reality Americans will be living, “This is your fate under liberal precepts and their policies.  Our solutions are these…ones that your gut already tells you will actually work”.  In essence Obama’s election will turn a republican/conservative loss into a turning point for conservatives and a loss for Obama…an opportunity that must not be squandered…and opportunity to begin fixing the real problem, a deteriorating culture.